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Unconventional Expedient Weapons™
The premier course in the tactical use of unconventional weaponry

Unconventional Expedient Weapons
The Unconventional Expedient Weapons™ course provides an essential element to your personal defense plan.

Unconventional expedient weapons are common everyday objects the have a peaceful or non-violent purpose but with the proper training can be used as a weapon in a crisis. Students learn how to recognize and deploy possible defensive weapons we have around us at all times.

Environmental items such as pens, pencils, combs, ash trays, phones, lamps, detergents, sticks, rocks, sand and many more everyday objects and items can be used with dramatic effect in a crisis provided you have the right training. A pen for example can be just as lethal as a kitchen knife with the right training. Unconventional expedient tools are looked on more favorably by the law because their use is viewed as less premeditated that the use of conventional weaponry.

The Unconventional Expedient Weapons™ course provides an essential element to your personal defense plan. Further this course also explores improvised makeshift weaponry. A makeshift weapon is a defensive weapon that can be made quickly by combining or modifying everyday items or objects. Improvised weapons focuses on how to create makeshift defensive tools such as edged weapons, (shives, shanks or razors) from toothbrushes, disposable razors, plastic handles and virtually any cylindrical object as well as others. No prerequisite required.

Topics include:

  • Expedient Weapons and The Law
  • Categories of Improvised Weapons
  • Determining Weapon Possibilities
  • Categorizing Object Advantages
  • Weapons Versus Deterrents
  • Grips and Delivery Methods
  • Lethal and Non-Lethal Targeting
  • Distraction and Deception Attacks
  • Deployment Techniques and Tactics
  • Combining Weapons
  • 10-second Makeshift Weapons  

Prerequisite(s): none


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